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About Marc's Counseling Expertise 


My Credentials



  • 30+ years experience as a therapist

  • MSW from New York University

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NJ

  • Modern Psychoanalytically trained by
    Dr Gerald Lucas in Manhattan

My Professional Interests

While all youth, families, couples and adults are welcomed in my practice, I am especially experienced in treating problems such as:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Family Relationships

  • Marriage/Premarital Issues

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Professional/Career Growth

  • Youth Anxiety, Depression, ADHD

  • School Problems/Behavior/Bullying

  • Transgender & Gender Dysphoria

  • Parenting

  • Academic/504/IEP Concerns



Accepted Insurance Plans



  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield


  • I'm Happy to Assist with Out of Network reimbursement.



Why I Believe in Counseling

Hello, and welcome to the website of Marc Panepinto Counseling. I hope you find some useful information here that begins to bring some assistance and clarity.


Undertaking counseling, which is also referred to as psychotherapy, can be a daunting and challenging task. Revealing personal and highly confidential information about yourself, or a loved one is not easy.


Frequently, clients have shame or uneasiness about this very information. They may assume a counselor will judge and scrutinize them.


Relief can be achieved within a short period of time when clients are paired with a therapist who has expertise listening, understanding and helping to manage of a wide variety feelings, conflicts, behaviors and experiences. 


This therapeutic experience can be internalized and lead to permanent improvement in one's emotional health. Client’s report reduced anxiety and sadness, along with enhanced confidence and self-esteem. Often these goals are achieved in counseling as a result of improvements in judgment, impulse control, relational skills and occupational/professional development.


Improvements in emotional well being, as I see it, allows an individual or family to manage life events with reduced difficulty and inner conflict allowing one to live the life they want with much greater ease and enjoyment, while balancing work, family, love and recreation/fun.   

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