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Image of teen male symbolizing struggling with life
Image of Asian teen girl symbolizing dealing with difficult moods
Image of teenage African American girl symbolizing success after counseling

Counseling for
Struggling Teens & Children

Is your child or teen struggling 
with problem behaviors,
difficult moods,
or failing school performance?



Despite your best efforts, you may have been unable to make much positive and permanent change in your child's life.


And it hurts and bewilders you, because you know this is not how you brought him or her up.  It's very difficult to standby, and let your child figure it out alone.  Or maybe you and your teen get into fights over you wanting to help, but that just makes things worse between you.



I want you to know this --
Positive parenting and
quick, permanent behavior improvements
are possible with counseling!  



I can help your child behave in the manner you admire and long for.


Maybe you want to continue to figure things out on your own without help. Perhaps you don't like the idea of a stranger intervening with your teen.


And yet, your child's behavior is getting worse, not better.  School, employer, maybe even a judge or pastor are compelling you to take action, and get an outside positive influence to help your teen make better choices.


If your son or daughter is like other young people I have worked with in counseling, they will begin behaving in more productive ways. You'll see them start to function and behave like the child you raised.



Call today and find out more
about how counseling will
help you and your child or teenager.


908 - 246 - 0869


Improvement can often be achieved
in a relatively short period of time.


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