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Counseling FAQs and Fees 

Are You Currently Taking New Clients?


Yes, I am taking new clients, and I am available by telephone to discuss starting counseling.



How Much Do Sessions Cost?


My fees are $175 to $220 depending on the service.  Initial evaluations where a report or written statement to third party is required will incur a different fee structure.


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


I can take cash, checks or Ivy Pay

Can You Bill My Insurance?


Yes, I can assist with insurance billing and reimbursement.

What if I Have to Reschedule or Forget an Appointment?


24 hours notice is required in these situations. Appointments can be rescheduled by phone.

What can you tell me about remote sessions? 

Remote or online therapy has grown tremendously as a result of the global pandemic. I conduct remote sessions with clients on a regular basis via the HIPPA compliant platform or teletherapy via telephone. Clients are able to receive services from alternate locations without having to travel to my office. This platform is versatile and can accommodate more than one client at different locations. The web address to my virtual waiting room is 


Are Sessions Confidential?


YES, your confidentiality is one the major keys to your progress, and to a sound therapeutic relationship. However, here are the circumstances that CAN impact confidentiality:



As a mandated reporter, I am required to disclose any plans to harm others or yourself, and may be required to report any knowledge of felonies you have committed for which you were not charged.



Additionally, if you use an insurance plan to pay for your counseling sessions, some basic information may need to be shared with your consent.


Can I Call or Email You Between Sessions If I Have Questions?


Between sessions I’m usually difficult to reach, but if your question is urgent you are welcomed to leave a voicemail or email asking me to contact you. I may be able to answer a quick question pertaining to an assignment we’ve outlined for you, but more general questions, or questions about issues that you haven’t yet introduced in counseling sessions should wait for your next appointment time.



If you have an emergency and need immediate support, leave a message to that effect, and I’ll do my best to arrange a phone, video, or in person session as soon as possible.


How Long are Your Sessions and How Many Will I Need?


Counseling sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and are usually scheduled once a week on the same day and time to facilitate consistency, accountability, and faster progress.



It is impossible to predict how many sessions you might need before I know your history and what issues are troubling you.  I’ll discuss the possibilities with you once we are working together.



What If I Need a Different Specialist?


I have referral and consulting arrangments with a number of colleagues in various fields, should you need assistance beyond what I can provide. When needed, I can review a list of providers in your network at your request

Ready to get started?




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