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Counseling for Families in Crisis

When one or more family member is going through a rough time, the whole family is affected.



And each family member has a different way of handling tension. Some might sulk and emotionally withdraw.  Others may become self-destructive or aggressive. 



Pleading, arguing, punishing -- none of it is getting the result you want.  Counseling can be the solution you've been seeking. 



Whether you are dealing with:

  • a learning problem 

  • lack of respect and communication 

  • out of control moods

  • risky behaviors 

  • sibling rivalries 

  • parent / child fights

  • abusive interactions

  • peer pressure

  • bullying 

to make the change you want to see, a different approach is needed.



That's where I come in.



Working with the whole family, and with the members individually, I can help you identify the real needs that aren't being surfaced.



In counseling you will learn new ways to listen and be heard -- and how to gain the support and cooperation you want for a happier family life.



If it's time for your family to be

pulling together instead of pulling apart, 

give me a call.


908 - 246 - 0869


Let's end the cycle of crises

Counseling works!



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