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Counseling Specialties

I work with clients of all ages, backgrounds and needs; including children who have attention and behavior problems; individuals with Autism, or Asperger's; teens and young adults with eating disorders, or self esteem issues; couples with sex or relationship issues; and men and women in grief or dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Throughout my counseling career spanning more than 30 years, I have developed a particular interest in these four specific areas of concern.

Counseling for youth in Summit NJ

Parents --  Have your teens gotten out of control?  Feel like you're in a constant battle of wills with your child?  Tired of their disrepect, and uncooperative attitude?


Or, are they getting bullied?  Have they become withdrawn? Are you noticing other changes that you are concerned about, but they won't tell you what's wrong? I have successfully worked with children and teens for more than 30 years.

Counseling for families in crisis in Summit NJ

Is your family going through major changes, loss or trauma?  Feel like you are barely hanging on, or are powerless to get things under control?


Perhaps nothing major has happened, but it feels like you don't communicate effectively anymore, and the sense of having a strong, loving family has gotten lost under all the individual pressures.  You're not alone, and I'd like to help.

Couples counseling for hurting couples in Summit NJ

Wondering when when flame went out of your love life? Not on the same page with your sexual needs? Feeling unappreciated, misunderstood, and taken for granted by your spouse?  


Or maybe you or your spouse has been unfaithful.  One of you feels betrayed, and trust is hard to rebuild. You're hoping to save your marriage and move forward. In your counseling session, I'll listen without judgment, and help you determine your best options.

Counseling for adults in Summit NJ

Feeling nervous, sad, or unmotivated? Under so much pressure at home or work that life seems bleak? Even though you are surrounded by people who love you, do you feel all alone with a problem or fear?



Maybe you've been trying to make some changes in your life, and despite your best efforts you can't seem to stick to a plan or resist temptation. Progress is easier and faster when you have the right counseling.

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