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Image of businessman looking stressed in Toms River
Image of a mom symbolizing satisfaction with stress reduction counseling
Image of African American businessman symbolizes results of stress counseling

Counseling for Stressed Adults

Feeling a loss of control due to 
the demands and stress of life?



Despite your best efforts and intentions you might have been unable to make positive and permanent change in your life.  You want that to change, but aren't sure what to try next.



Maybe you're unhappy with work, family, love and social life. The ability to balance all the seemingly necessary and desired activities in a day, and get enjoyment from at least one or more of them eludes you.  Stress is piling up, making you frustrated and irritable.



Or perhaps you've been feeling nervous, sad, unmotivated or alone lately.  For some reason you can't figure out, it's like you are always misunderstood by those you love and trust.



This is a hard way to go through life.

Counseling can make a good difference.



Whether there is a big problem you want to resolve, or a lot of little things that eat away at you every day, I'm here to help.



If you are like many of my counseling clients, you might have some hesitance about exposing your thoughts and feelings to someone you do not know.  Maybe you want to continue to figure things out on our own without help -- but how has that been working for you so far? 



Perhaps you fear friends or family will frown on you for talking to a counselor. Maybe you are concerned about the cost length of commitment.



Let's discuss these concerns
at your first counseling session.


908 - 246 - 0869


There's no reason to wait.

Problems don't just go away

by themselves.



I am here to listen and

understand, not judge.

You can live up

to your full potential.

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