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Image of counseling office of Marc Panepinto LCSW in Summit NJ

What Your 

First Counseling Session

Will Be Like


For your first counseling session, you'll bring in the completed and I'll review with you what's troubling you the most.

Image of child and mom symbolizing family counseling

We'll get the housekeeping out of the way early in the first session. This includes:


  • identifying the best day and time for your consistent weekly counseling appointments


  • sorting out how you will pay for counseling, whether by insurance or out of pocket


  • dealing with any questions about what records are kept, policies about missed appointments, when and why to contact me between sessions, etc.

  • answering any questions you may have about my credentials, or about confidentiality of what you tell me during counseling, and when I'm required by law to break that.


Image of smiling businessman symbolizing satisfaction with counseling

Then I'll ask you just enough questions to get a sense of how I can best help you as we start to get to know each other.


But mostly, I'll listen.  Without judging.  Without criticizing.  Without assuming.


And at the end of this first counseling session, I might have a suggestion for getting through the week, and I'll collect your co-pay or session fee.


Sound good?   


Do yourself a favor.

Make an appointment today.


908 - 246 - 0869

A brighter future is waiting for you.

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